sorry i stopped posting for a long time i was busy having fulfulling in-person interactions

all the people who would actually reply to this are in an extremely asleep timezone rn lol

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when what now? came out i was in cleveland for a conference that i mostly skipped out on and just listened to it on repeat while wandering around the city and hanging out in coffee shops

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some rocket/arugula seeds sent from a friend that just started to grow 🌱

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peace lily. i love having peace lilies - they are easy to take care of, back when that was important for me. every time i've moved continents, i've left one with somebody

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peperomia hope cutting from my ex. also pictured: the reason plants have to go on high shelves + why these photos are taken on my dining table

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wow wild that i haven't done a plant thread on floral town yet

i'm making a new generative text disaster and i need your help:

1. plz volunteer your account as tribute (your posts get added to the corpus)

2. give me the names of imagined archives

plz boost if u don't mind! πŸ™πŸ»

i made a private ig for clothesposting! dm me if u want the account info ✌🏻

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