what do u call a cat that's devoutly religious? 

an evanjellicle

i wanna start using mastodon again but i made this instance when i was at a v different place in my life and i want a clean slate

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hey i don't think anyone uses this instance anymore but in case anyone does, an announcement: at some point soon i'm gonna wipe it and start from scratch

i currently pay somebody to host it, but i'm planning to install the hometown fork and run it from my home. i'm not gonna migrate, just kill the old one and start a new instance on the same domain. if you have anything on your TL you want to save (pictures etc), make sure to back them up

@darius omg thank you, i did not know about this... game changer.....

@darius i love the fun lil game of doing `du -h --max-depth=1 .` and being like, why is this directory taking up 4TB 🀨

floral town mod announcement: since i just had to pay to renew this domain another year, i will now be posting here again lmao

sorry i stopped posting for a long time i was busy having fulfulling in-person interactions

@aoife yeah for sure, one side effect of this space being small and also having existed for a while is that a lot of folks already know each other in a way that can be rly hard to break into

@ponfarr i use this little tool called tape for keeping track of projects, it's simple but i like it a lot! aeriform.itch.io/tape

outfit selfie, no ec 

@erinbee it's such a good dress!! i cannot get over how good it looks

@bryn oh no im already galaxy braining hybrid markov chain/generative fiction bots

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